Regulating your inner emotional landscape can become as obvious as walking down the street.

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Emotional Crisis Toolkit

Schedule a free Heal With Your Heart Breakthrough Consultation , and as a gift for connecting, you will receive at the end of our time together Heart Fluency’s Emotional Crisis Toolkit providing: 

  • Accessible, obvious steps you can take in moments of crisis to regulate your nervous system or your client’s
  • An in-depth neurological understanding of trauma and how it operates
  • How to stay grounded and nourished when your client is experiencing significant agitation
  • How trauma and afflictive emotional patterns become tension in our bodies, primarily in the fascia
  • How to release tension and avoid deepening an emotional wound or retraumatizing

Your inner emotional landscape can become as obvious and navigable as walking down the street. When that happens, a deep sense of confidence and well-being is revealed. 

It would be my honor to share this 30 – 60 minute consultation with you. I have a limited number of openings each week. I hope we get the chance to meet. Blessings