The measure of a good practice is how quickly you can drop it because you've become it

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6 Week Emotional Mastery Trainings

Next Training To Be Announced Soon!

Limited to 24 Participants 

Scientifically designed for you to feel and maintain Heart Fluency’s Practice for unconditional healing and peace. 

With a proven formula of:

  • 5 Individual Sessions
  • 6 Interactive Live Classes
  • Community Engagement 
  • Daily Practice
  • Comprehensive Materials

You’ve tried everything yet healing trauma and deep emotional wounds has eluded you. Maybe it’s even become worse. You long for an authentic, lasting shift.

In an Emotional Mastery Training you develop new, durable neural networks that enable you to relate to any situation from the unlimited nourishment of your awareness itself as directly felt through the Heart Fluency Practice.

Feel the confidence and trust that builds through direct experience of unconditional emotional transformation. 

6 Two Hour Interactive Live Classes

Our 6 weekly two hour online classes are highly interactive with exercises, examples and group discussion. They are focused on directly experiencing the underlying science as well as teachings from the ancient wisdom traditions that inform Heart Fluency. We form a tight knit community of 24 students supporting and deepening each other’s journeys. 

5 One on One Sessions

There are 5 one hour one on one online sessions where you will be guided by a Heart Fluency Facilitator to clearly feel the Healing Orientation’s unlimited ability to meet and heal your deepest wounds and traumas. When you directly and obviously feel an old and deep wound held with great balance and nourishment, and then feel it move through and release, you will have verified confidence that you have found the true path of healing. It is like learning to ride a bike – once you know, you know. The rest of the training builds on and consolidates this discovery. 

Community Engagement

If you want to master a practice, share it. We pair you with a Practice Buddy to guide each other in sessions. This saturates the practice through layers of ego and psyche as well as engaging a host of neural networks inaccessible by any other means. Very powerful for stepping into a full expression of the practice, and a wonderful extension of community of the class.

Daily Practices

This is neuron candy. By spending a total of 10 minutes a day on refining your intention and celebrating your successes, new neural networks are consolidated and accelerated. Watch as new sensitivities to the nourishment of the Healing Orientation grow and dramatically increase confidence and enthusiasm. 

Comprehensive Materials

Don’t worry about taking notes. Every class comes with its own documentation and is recorded for your review. You will start with a detailed Training Manual that will help you obtain maximum impact, and you will be given a link to a folder where all of the notes, diagrams, videos and practice materials will be uploaded each week.