Why does emotional healing have to be so hard? The short answer is – it doesn’t.

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It breaks my heart to think of what people go through to find peace. 

It takes one moment of direct experience to give you the key to unravel the trauma you’ve had your entire life

You’ve tried so many modalities with all your sincerity. Many healers wonder if they can even hope to resolve the deepest emotional wounds let alone trauma or ingrained beliefs like “I’m unworthy”, “I’m guilty” or “I’m fundamentally flawed”. I’ve lived this and I acknowledge you. 

The good news is – You have direct, obvious access to unlimited, unconditional inner nourishment that can make emotional healing  radically gentle. It takes one moment of direct experience to give you the key to unravel the trauma you’ve had your entire life. 

And we’re recognizing everyone has trauma. Birth is traumatic. We get shocked. Life is intense.

Connect with Heart Fluency Founder Bruce Pardoe for a complimentary Heal With Your Heart Breakthrough Consultation to see how this unique new practice can create a radically gentle shift for you.

Consultation: Preparation and Format

When you schedule your consultation, you will be walked through a series of questions. I will review your responses before the meeting and together we will refine those until you feel absolutely clear about your needs and goals. 

Based on this clarity, I will:

  • Show you how Heart Fluency’s steps can meet your specific issues
  • Offer keys to support your healing journey or practice that you can put into use immediately 
  • Cover common mistakes that deepen emotional wounds or lead to retraumatization

For many people the consultation stands on its own, and the insights lead to profound shifts. Only if it feels appropriate will we additionally explore the structure and benefits of Heart Fluency’s flagship offering – our 6 week Emotional Mastery Trainings

EMOTIONAL CRISIS TOOLKIT: As a gift for connecting, you will receive this powerful map through intensity once we’ve met.

The Toolkit provides: 

  • Accessible, obvious steps you can take in moments of crisis to regulate your nervous system or your client’s
  • An in-depth neurological understanding of trauma and how it operates
  • How to stay grounded and nourished when your client is experiencing significant agitation
  • How trauma and afflictive emotional patterns become tension in our bodies, primarily in the fascia
  • How to release tension and avoid deepening an emotional wound or retraumatizing

Your inner emotional landscape can become as obvious as walking down the street. When that happens, a deep sense of confidence and well-being is revealed. 

It would be my honor to share this 30 – 60 minute consultation with you. I have a limited number of openings each week. I hope we get the chance to meet. Blessings