“Indeed, the healing path is fulfilled through community.” Buddha

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Just what your heart aches for in these divisive, turbulent times. 

Gather, Practice, Evolve

By becoming a Heart Fluency Community Member you will have access to: 

1. Heart Fluency’s Vibrant Forum

heart fluency forum

This is a live, online forum where we:

  • Ask our deepest questions about our emotional lives, our relationships & our world 
  • Learn to use Heart Fluency’s 3 step practice to respond & reflect our heart’s truth to each other (a demo video gets first time users started in minutes!)
  • Receive responses that inform, inspire and validate our experience
  • Share success stories of using the Heart Fluency practice to:
    • Meet and heal emotional wounds & trauma
    • Self regulate
    • Help Others and Our World 
Bruce Pardoe, Founder

2. Free Live Weekly Community Circles led by Founder Bruce Pardoe

Join a rich live discussion with like-hearted people  where we:

  • Explore Heart Fluency’s usage in real life 
  • Engage in group exercises that illuminate and deepen our practice
  • Answer your direct questions
  • Build an authentic web of community support

3. Exclusive Access to our Community Coordinator

verenice berroa
I’m so happy to support your journey of deepening and healing! ~ Verenice Berroa
  • A live person dedicated to your growth, peace &  well-being
  • Support with practice or technical issues
  • Encouragement & permission to go deeper
  • Referrals to Certified Heart Fluency Facilitators for 1 on 1 sessions