Bruce Pardoe CDL, Founder

Bruce Pardoe has practiced mindfulness meditation intensively for the past 13 years with numerous 1, 2 & 3 month retreats at Insight Meditation Society and Spirit Rock where he completed the 2 year Community Dharma Leader program. In addition to numerous extended pilgrimages to the wisdom centers of Asia, and extended multi-month solo retreats in uninhabited areas, Bruce has spent more than two years in silence to cultivate insight and compassion. He has been sharing dharma teachings and leading healing groups for the past 10 years. In 2007 the idea for the online community AskLove and its Heart Fluency practice arose spontaneously after hearing the words “Hatred never ceases by hatred, but by Love alone is Healed”. Recognizing this as an essential truth for personal and global flourishing, Bruce has deeply explored and utilized the power of Heart Fluency and AskLove for his own healing and in all of his offerings, having lead the first Heart Fluency 6 Week Training in November of 2018 which proved the power of the practice and teaching model to deeply shift participants to heart centricity, clarity and empowerment. Bruce has received training and/or deep experience in the somatic practices of Feledenkrais Awareness Through Movement, Hakomi Body-Centered Psychotherapy, Organic Intelligence and EMDR. He also draws significantly upon the non-dual inquiry practices of Advaita, Taoism and the path of devotion to complement and enrich Heart Fluency and AskLove.

Ginny Cutler CPCC, LMFT

I am all about possibility – everyone’s unique possibility individually and collectively. I believe in a dynamic mission we are each incarnated to fulfill. Helping to connect people deeply with who they truly are in order to get there is my idea of fun. Professionally I work exclusively as a coach now, although I’ve been a licensed therapist for over 28 years. I became a coach 8 years ago, and it has opened up my universe personally and professionally by transforming my entire being and life. Coaching is about the present – finding the path to a meaningful and fulfilling life through a deep connection to Self, and from there, seeing the world, yourself, community and what is truly possible in a brand new way. To my work I bring 30 years of experience in both the mental health and addiction fields, specializing in co-occurring disorders, removing blocks to clarity, changing thought systems, and transforming limiting beliefs. I currently work with individuals, couples, families and all kinds of teams and groups. I work to relentlessly cultivate self-awareness in its highest form to develop the mindset and energy necessary to find Self and bring unique possibilities to life. Among the life experiences I bring are 2 decades of personal wellness study and practice that have transformed my own chronic illness and severe depression, and 10 years devoted to ‘surviving, striving, and thriving’ in the extreme sport of motorcycle road-racing. Those two things have changed me. I practice the Work of Byron Katie. I study and practice the Way of Mastery. I also practice ‘all things fitness’ and connection with the environment. All of these teach me about the powerful, integrated human being; our enormous capacity, potential and resilience.

Savannah Hanson M.A., MFT 40422

My vision for my life is to be an emissary for the Universal awakening of unconditional Love and Joy. For many years now, everything I do, and everything I am, is geared toward that purpose. As my own relationships have settled into harmony and my life has become peaceful after a lifetime of debilitating anxiety, I am encouraged to share the knowing of ourselves as the embodiment of Love. In my quest to awaken and support myself and others in transmuting suffering, I became a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a Master’s in both Spiritual and Counseling Psychology emphasizing Consciousness, Health and Healing. I am also a certified Cellular Release Practitioner and have numerous other trainings and credentials. I have been facilitating consciousness classes for over a decade including conscious parenting. Raising children in a manner that reduces negative conditioning and suffering and increases awareness and Love is something I deeply value. I am a long term student of A Course in Miracles,  A Way of Mastery and A Course of Love. These courses deeply informmy way of being in the world and my work. Joining in community with others who are like-hearted is something I deeply celebrate. I have also been a private therapist for several decades, supporting others in releasing toxic emotions and beliefs, exiting the ego thought system and awakening to the Truth of Who  we are.