Heart Fluency on its own is a unique and powerful offering when either A) used as a personal tool to access your deepest knowing, alignment of power and creativity or B) used as a transformational and healing modality in a session with a certified practitioner. However, when delivered in a training format that includes 6 two hour weekly group classes, 5 one hour one on one sessions, and the practice and community support of using the AskLove forum between classes – the transformation and shift are exponentially deepened. You will discover your heart as an inner oracle and open to a sense of clarity and resourcing that will only deepen over time and practice. You will gain the firm confidence that leading from your heart provides the most practical, effective and durable options to meet life’s thorniest challenges and conflicts. You will become a resource to those around you and open to a sense of purpose and possibility.

Heart Fluency’s methodology draws on mindfulness meditation informed by the Vipassana tradition of Buddhism, and open inquiry informed by the non-dual spiritual heart of Hinduism known as Advaita. Grounded as it is by these time-tested and proven traditions that have brought millions to liberation and the end of suffering, it is nonetheless fully secular in nature and delivery. No belief systems or religious dogma of any kind.

Heart Fluency is also informed by positive psychology – we work with what’s working and thereby avoid lighting up areas of the neurology that keep us stuck in trauma and limiting belief systems. A Heart Fluency Practitioner sees you in your essential innocence, wholeness and perfection, and holds a container that enables you to unfold to the basic goodness and well-being that are already there. Nothing is created, just revealed and connected.

A  beautiful aspect of initiating an inquiry at the heart is that this is your source of positive resourcing. It is where your kindness, self care, compassion and balance are generated. Thus, you begin your healing process from your deepest innate strengths.

Heart Fluency Training classes will be led by our staff of 3 highly experienced teachers with a total class size of 24 students ensuring you get in-depth, intimate attention. Classes will be informative, highly interactive and based in actually doing the Heart Fluency practice. Each week you will have a one hour session with one of our faculty on a rotating basis for you to heal and grow and essentially embody Heart Fluency. In addition, you will use the AskLove forum to ask and respond to questions and share stories with your fellow classmates, offering you 24/7 support and deepening your sense of shared community and purpose. This three tiered model creates a highly immersive environment for you to integrate Heart Fluency throughout the fullness of your life.  

As a Certified Graduate of a Heart Fluency Training, that designation will appear on the public AskLove platform so that members there are aware of your depth of experience. You can further develop a Career Path by engaging in a mentoring relationship with our staff to become a Heart Fluency Training teacher. These opportunities are offered on an invitation basis based upon your understanding and connection to the modality, experience and personal development. In a mentoring process you will first be involved from the ground up in delivering one training series and then in a second training act as an assistant teacher and sit in on one on one sessions. Throughout each series you will have extensive access to the teachers and you will have weekly one hour sessions with them on a rotating basis.