Heart Fluency – The Practice – heart

Heart Fluency – The Practice

We are so tired of divisiveness, and we know in our bones there is another way. Imagine what it would be like to lead from your heart’s wisdom. That’s what AskLove.org’s core practice of Stop, Drop & Ask provides. Let me give you a quick intro.

You may be familiar with Stop, Drop & Roll for when you’re on fire? Well with Stop, Drop & Ask, you first Stop and recognize you are on fire with a conflict or challenge. You then drop the situation into your heart and simply feel it. Lastly, you sincerely and innocently Ask for guidance. Whatever emerges – an emotion, an intuition, an image, a memory or even words – the intellect will immediately explore, support and articulate it. Now we’ve aligned our centers of intelligence, the head and heart, and we’re using our full potential. Cool.

We can think of the intellect as the seat of our rational, reasoning, verbal minds. It relates to science, technology, math and so on. As powerful and amazing as our intellect is, it sees reality in pieces and parts whereas our heart as the seat of caring and connection sees an interconnected, interdependent whole. And that’s how reality actually is. So when we lead with our hearts, we get more realistic, effective, wise answers.

The problem is when a challenge or conflict arises we so often contract and spin in our heads scheming and endlessly trying to figure things out or we react and regret it. We lose access to our heart’s wisdom. That’s where AskLove.org comes in. When you can’t Stop, Drop and Ask your own heart, you put your issue on our moderated forum where members will Drop your situation into their hearts, Ask for guidance and share the results with you. You’ve heard of crowdsourcing? This is Heartsourcing.

We are so tired of divisiveness. There is another way – AskLove.org’s Stop, Drop and Ask practice. I was at the movies with hardly any people there. Primo seats. No one behind me to kick the chair. Both elbow rests. Yeah!

After the previews three people came in and sat directly next to me! Contraction. And somehow it just didn’t feel good to move over.

So I Stopped and recognized I was caught up. Then I Dropped into my heart and just felt the contraction. Lastly, I Asked sincerely and innocently for guidance.

The contraction softened and then up pops the thought “What if these were dear friends?” Remarkably, a sense of generosity emerged. My reasoning mind chipped in “These are perfect seats, not too far back or forward and right in the middle. I can share.” A sense of lightness emerged. It also felt just totally delicious to have dropped the load. All this in about three seconds.

Notice how the reasoning intellect automatically explored and articulated the feelings and intuitive hits. Heart and head were aligned. When we lead with the head though, the heart is left out. And that’s too bad, because the intellect, as amazing as it is, sees things in pieces and parts whereas the heart sees an interconnected whole which is how reality actually is. So we get our most realistic, effective solutions when we lead from the heart.

Now, when we can’t Stop, Drop and Ask our own hearts because a situation is just too charged, we can Stop, Drop it onto AskLove.org and Ask the community’s hearts for guidance. Crowdsourcing becomes Heartsourcing. Cool. Enjoy AskLove.org!

Because the intellect will automatically support and articulate

I’m going to give you a demonstration of AskLove.org’s Welcome to asklove.org. It’s actually really great that you’re here because humanity is in this very necessary shift from the head to the heart to meet life’s challenges. As powerful as it is, the intellect sees things in pieces and parts whereas the heart sees an interconnected whole which maps to reality better because that’s how reality actually is. So we get truly realistic effective solutions when we access our hearts we . The problem is, when those sticky, tough challenges and conflicts inevitably arise, we become contracted or reactive and we lose access. That’s where AskLove.org comes in. When you can’t “​Stop, Drop and Ask”​ your ​own heart, you can put your issue on AskLove.org’s online Q&A forum and receive heart-based solutions from the community. It’s like asking the communal heart. The responses receiving the most “​Wise” ratings rising to the top of the list. This ensures ensures potent, peer-­reviewed options for you to use. Everyone has a heart so everyone is qualified to participate, as long as dialog and internal exploration are possible which may not be the case when there is trauma, mental illness, crisis or significant issues requiring professional attention. And everyone holds their piece of the puzzle. Your voice matters. The more you participate, the more you open up a channel to what’s already there – the wisdom in your very own heart. You also fuel a dialog that changes how we as a society orient to life. Imagine if everyone led with their hearts with their intellects in service of that wisdom? Amazing. It truly is possible and by enrolling now in our beta launch, you are spearheading that shift.

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