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The Dawning of the Age of Wisdom

We live in such a head-driven global culture. No surprise given that we’ve been in the Age of Reason for the last few hundred years fueled by industry, science and technology. Of course, this was a big step up from the Might Makes Right ethos that dominated earlier times.

As incredible as the gifts of the reasoning intellect have been, however, we find ourselves in a world that is riven with divisiveness, injustice and environmental degradation. We sense in our bones that another way is possible. That we are pregnant with the possibility of a global shift. A shift to the Age of Wisdom.

Dharma and practice illuminate the truth that ignorance, at it’s base, is a false sense of separateness. The opposite of ignorance is wisdom. Where do we experience non-separateness? In the one place where we are naturally and effortlessly selfless – our hearts.

Our culture predominantly associates wisdom with the reasoning mind. But the intellect, as powerful and useful as it is, sees things in pieces and parts, whereas the heart, as our seat of caring and connectivity, sees an interconnected, unified whole. And that’s how reality actually is. So when we lead from our hearts we tap wisdom itself and get our most realistic, effective responses.

The problem is, in the face of conflict or challenge, we so often contract and spin in our heads. Or worse, we react and regret it. We lose access to our hearts’ wisdom. And we suffer.

This led to the development of the free, nonprofit online community, where members share their toughest issues and receive heart-based wisdom from the moderated community. Heard of crowdsourcing? This is heartsourcing and hopefully a valuable resource for our sangha.

When we ask our hearts for guidance with sincerity and innocence, what emerges may be an intuition or an emotion, an image, a memory, maybe even words. Whatever arises, the intellect explores it to see if it makes sense, and, if so, supports and articulates the message. Head and heart are aligned and we access our full potential. When we lead with the head, however, the heart is left out.

The Age of Wisdom is both an individual and cultural possibility. Online communities are global by nature and grow in value as their membership increases. It will be exciting to see what role will play, and you are warmly invited to participate.

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