We are not here to outrun our humanity - John Travis

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The Goal: What is Healing?


First we have to sense the opportunity before we can open the gift – Anonymous

Our nervous system has an upper and lower threshold of intensity that it can handle. In between these limits, we can effortlessly process whatever level of arousal our experience might generate. 

When we are shocked, though, the energy is too much for our nervous system to hold and it gets thrown out into our bodies and gets stuck there as tension. If we get traumatized, the amount of tension can be extreme without us being consciously aware of it.


Just like our bodies release toxins, they also release tension. This is natural and healthy. But when a huge load comes out in an unmanaged, unnourished rush, it is too much for our system, and we can be retraumatized and deepen the wound. 

Emotional Wounds – Negative Beliefs and Afflictive Patterns

We can repeat life sapping beliefs like “I’m not worthy” or “I’m fundamentally flawed” so many times that their tension seeps into our bodies. We see this through the postures and facial expressions associated with them. 

Afflictive, self-reinforcing patterns of addictions and self-sabotage lodge as contractive resonances in our bodies.

“Problem” Orientation

As we try to “Fix” and essentially get rid of these so-called problems, our repetitive attention to them deepens the neural networks associated with them. They reify and deepen all the more. They need to be seen in a new light – as opportunities. 


Healing happens when we allow the unconditional qualities of our ordinary, everyday awareness to hold challenging emotions like a loving adult would hold an upset child until it had cried it all out.  

When nothing is done, nothing is left undone – Lao Tzu

Emotional wounds heal like a physical cut. With proper conditions, they resolve on their own. All we do is Stop, Drop and Open wile holding the Healing Orientation, and everything works itself out. Nothing to figure out or get right, just simple nourished receptivity sensing and feeling.

A key moment in our healing journey happens when we give ourselves permission to drink in the nourishment of our awareness as challenging material passes through, rather than endlessly focusing on the problem. 

Like the sky holds clouds without preference, we recognize that every cloud holds a gift. Easeful  clouds are expansive – they illuminate the nourishing, spacious qualities of awareness.

Difficult, challenging clouds always have tension. When they are held by the Heart Fluency Practice and its Healing Orientation, they release and integrate thereby consolidating our awakened orientation. 

Life will, however, continue to throw us situations that knock us over threshold. We’ll get that call from the doctor or letter from the IRS. An injury will happen. Our heart will break. 

Our job isn’t to outrun our humanity. Our job is to remember. Stop, Drop and Open while holding the Healing Orientation. You can be free even when you’re shattered.

May it be so