bruce pardoe founder of heart fluency
John Travis

“This is brilliant work. I’m so happy that Bruce through his own healing process and hard work has found such an effective and gentle way for practitioners to safely and swiftly travel a path to freedom.” 

– John Travis
Senior Spirit Rock Meditation Teacher, Mt Stream Guiding Teacher

najjiyya arnold

“Heart Fluency surprised me with the power of its practice that safely guided me through deep issues into my basic well-being and peace. I could see this work being a perfect trauma healing path for veterans, law enforcement personnel, and first responders.”

– Najjiyya  C. Arnold
M.A., M.A., Ph.D. Candidate in Educational Psychology, Life Coach

Laura Escalante

“I didn’t know it was possible to move through my deepest wounds so smoothly and quickly. Once you find the balance, you know. When I discovered that the unconditional support of my true nature was so readily and clearly available, my confidence soared and I relaxed fundamentally.”  

– Laura Escalante
Meditation Guide & Space Healer

Catherine Hopman

“Heart Fluency provides a gentle, yet powerful embodied practice that is quite effective for emotional regulation and the reduction of agitation. I have incorporatd aspects into my psychotherapy practice. I highly recommend it both to practitioners and those seeking well-being.”

– Catherine Hopman
Ph.D. Psychology

Ginny Cutler

“Bruce has created a simple yet extraordinarily impactful experience with Heart Fluency.  It is incredibly easy to learn and ‘practice’ and can provide immediate results such as emotional balance, new insight and connection with self.   And over time,  the practice only deepens to become a powerful tool for your unique journey of healing,  growth or transformation. Bravo, Bruce!”

 – Ginny Cutler
Certified Life Coach and Licensed Psychotherapist